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The Managing Attorney of the Torts Practice Group at Dolan Law Firm PC and a Senior Trial Attorney, Aimee Kirby supervises
significant and precedent-setting lawsuits for individuals who suffered grave injuries and for families whose loved ones died.
With more than 15 years of experience in the courtroom to draw upon, Aimee is a skilled, compassionate, and accomplished trial
lawyer who practices law in courtrooms across California. She is also admitted to practice law in Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and
A Relentless, Passionate Advocate for the Injured
Aimee has successfully tried 20 cases and settled hundreds more, helping the clients recover over $50 million in verdicts and
settlements. “I love that my job allows me to right wrongs and effectuate justice for those without a voice,” states Aimee. Aimee’s
considerable record of trial success includes:
 $11.9 million jury verdict in Choy v. Hatishu for a motorcycle rider who suffered paralysis and required facial
reconstruction due to the injuries he suffered in a collision with a negligent truck driver.
 $4.35 million jury verdict in Savage v. State of California for the failure by CalTrans failed to replace a downed safety sign
that warned drivers of a curve ahead on a mountain highway, which resulted in the plaintiffs driving off the side of a
mountain and suffering catastrophic injuries.
 $4 million jury verdict in Codner v. Wills for a faulty design of the parking control pattern at a fast food restaurant that
played a substantial role in causing an accident and significant injuries to the plaintiffs, a father and son on a motorcycle.

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