Andrew Garrett is CEO of Garrett Discovery a Digital Forensic Expert Witness firm that has worked on more than 3000 cases in over 30 states and four countries. He often speaks about spoliation of medical records and audit trails in different conferences and events such as Trial University & Law Di Gras. As an expert witness he has testified more than 237 times in trials, depositions and hearings in civil and criminal cases that are often televised.  Garrett has served as an expert in high profile cases and works with many of the law firms represented by speakers at TBI MedLegal Conference including John Romano and Joe Low. Garrett spent many years working for the Department of Health and Human Services managing the Meaningful Use Program charged with incentivizing practitioners to install and maintain certified medical record systems. He manages a team of Legal Nurse Consultants and Electronic Medical Record experts whom have testified in cases that have unearthed spoliation of medical records. Andrew Garrett’s work has been highlighted by NBC Investigates and several media outlets.

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