My specialty or niche lies in the whiplash injury field, which may sometimes be referred to as CAD (Cervical Acceleration-Deceleration).  At my office you will find many different modalities, such as decompression, automatic flexion/distraction, laser, Anodyne light therapy, Graston, Kinesiotape, VibroPlate, various exercise equipment, as well as models and diagrams that explain the injury with visual representation. 

After graduation from chiropractic school, I had the privilege of working with my uncle Dr. Ted Johnson D.C. in Rowland Heights, the city I grew up in.  With his 30+ years of experience, I was able to learn how he handled many, many different types of patients and injuries.  I watched and learned his techniques that helped so many.  Then, I began to incorporate all that I had learned with new technology and combine the two. 

After getting married in 2012, I moved to the San Fernando Valley and began working as a chiropractor in a medical office ran by my sister-in-law Dr. Ayuna Panossian, M.D. in Tujunga.  After building my practice from the ground up and establishing many valuable relationships, I was able to open my own larger office down the street in Sunland.  We still work very closely with Dr. Panossian, M.D. among several other local medical practitioners, as they accommodate our patients in need of medical attention.    

My wife Takui, whom is also a chiropractor, manages our new office.  Together, we make a solid team who can handle a large workload in the front and back office.  We implement the Sequoia Visions software program along with Croft protocols to generate all of our reports.  This ensures that your client receives all of the value drivers in their report and treatment protocol.  The case can be properly “managed” by our office to take some of the leg work off of your staff.  That being said, we are always open to suggestions and requests with regards to your office referrals.   I guarantee to get your reports never later than 2 weeks after discharge and most of the time within 1 week.  We work with many orthopedic specialists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, pain management, and imaging facilities so our patients are always taken care of efficiently.  I am in the office every day.  Every patient that walks through my door sees me and gets treated by either my wife or myself, or often times both.  For your Spanish speaking clients, I am able to properly communicate to them in Spanish.  My wife is of Armenian descent and is fluent to accommodate that community.  I appreciate your consideration in choosing my office for your personal injury needs in the Sunland-Tujunga and surrounding areas and hope to build a lasting relationship with your firm.