David Olan does nothing halfway. He challenges himself regularly, surfing, paddle boarding, skiing, snowboarding, and biking. In 1995, he even earned a Black Belt in Shotokan Karate. It is this same  single-mindedness and determination that David Olan brings when representing individuals and families who have suffered serious personal injuries and the wrongful death of a family member; illegal employment practices, and unfair practices by insurance companies.

David Olan’s sense of fair play is what makes him give that extra push to demand that an insurance company or employer honor their obligations. Giving up just isn’t in David’s vocabulary. He’s like a bulldog with a bone, always pushing to get the most compensation for his clients. David’s results are the best examples of his skills.

David’s fierce protectiveness is appreciated by his clients. Not just because he maximizes the compensation he obtains for them. They appreciate that someone, who has the legal skills to wage battle against the other side’s army of lawyers, is willing to fight for them. Check out the testimonials from former clients that demonstrate how committed David Olan is to his clients’ best interests.

Supported by a team of attorneys and skilled Olan Law staff members, nothing about a client’s case is left to chance. With decades of experience behind him, David works with some of the best experts in the field to prove your case. For clients who need assistance with medical issues, David is able to refer them to quality medical providers who treat clients on a lien basis, meaning they’re paid when the case is resolved.