For more than 40 years, Dallas attorney Frank L. Branson has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to victims of dangerous
products, commercial airplane crashes, injuries from gas explosions or electric burns, medical negligence, major trucking accidents,
and industrial catastrophes. He and the legal team at The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson also successfully pursued companies
and corporate representatives in high-stakes business disputes.
Widely recognized as one of America’s best trial lawyers, Branson provides clients with tenacious pre-trial preparation and masterful
courtroom strategies. A leader in the effective use of multimedia demonstrative evidence, his full-time staff includes a registered
nurse, a highly experienced investigator, and an audio/visual professional who works closely with the firm’s top-flight attorneys to
produce digital video, computer animation, medical art, and individualized anatomical models that make judges and juries take
“What we are trying to do is allow the judge and jury to walk in our client’s moccasins a short distance in order to understand the
nature and severity of their injuries. We have never hesitated to use our resources to go the extra mile for our clients,” says
In addition to accepting referrals from other lawyers, Branson and the firm regularly represent prominent doctors, lawyers, business
executives, politicians, and other professionals in cases where they or their families have faced major legal issues.

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