Humberto also known to his friends and colleagues as Burt overcame a very rough juvenile gang  background to become an attorney. He has been a lawyer for 34 years. He is the owner of Law offices Of  Humberto Guizar APC, and he is a principal partner in the law firm of Guizar, Henderson &Carrazco. From  his offices in Montebello and Tustin Ca, he specializes in civil rights litigation. He also represents injured  consumers in catastrophic personal injury cases.  

Humberto is also one of the 4 founders of Justice X. A collaboration of black and brown civil rights lawyers  committed to bring social equality in the judicial system. The Justice X legal group works to fight systemic  inequality through legal advocacy. Justice X is leading a class action lawsuit representing hundreds of  victims subjected to the illegal classification as “gang members” against the City of Los Angeles and the  Los Angeles Police Department.  

Humberto is also one of the founders of the Protestors Defense Alliance, (PDA). The PDA is a non-profit  legal aid service. It was established to provide free legal services to protestors that were arrested in response  the infamous live killing of George Floyd on May 25, 2020.  

In 2000 Humberto was profiled in the Daily Journal for his role in obtaining one of the first 7 figure verdicts  against CRASH officers from the L.A.P.D. The front-page story was entitled “From Gang member to  Attorney”. Humberto was also the lead counsel in the U.S. Supreme Court case of Ceballos v. Garcetti.  Humberto has successfully prosecuted significant and challenging civil rights cases resulting in repeated  multiple 7 Figure settlements and verdicts for his clients. In 2012 Humberto was nominated for CAALA  Trial lawyer of the year. 

Humberto served as an elected member of the Union Board of the ACLU of Southern California for 3 years.  Humberto also served as an elected Executive Board Trustee of the Mexican American Bar Association for  12 years. Humberto is also a active member of the National Police Accountability Project.  

On April 26, 2003, he was honored by the La Raza Alumni Association at California State University,  Northridge with a lifetime achievement award. Humberto is also the only known attorney anywhere that  provides expert court testimony in the Southern California criminal and civil courts as a “gang expert”.  

Humberto organized the First National Memorial for lives lost during police interaction on Monday 24,  2020 where he published the lives of hundreds of Black and Brown Americans killed by police. He has  continued to host this memorial. 

Finally, currently there is a Hollywood trial lawyer movie in production that will showcase Humberto’s  juvenile life and his role in a federal civil trial that Humberto won in 2012 for a family of a man that was  beaten and killed by the LAPD. The movie will be entitled “Brothers of Justice”. Fall of 2021 is the current  target date for filming of the movie.