Joseph H. Low IV has become known as the man behind the victories, the master storyteller, the warrior and the trial attorney who
wins. As a former US Marine, Joseph Low knows what it takes to train, prepare, fight and lead teams to victory.
Opponents and peers say he has an uncanny way of peering into the minds of witnesses and jurors to understand and know what
they will say before they say it. His ability to craft and deliver a story ranks among the world’s best like the great story structure
analyst and author Robert McFee and 40 year undefeated at trial record master, Gerry Spence.
In fact, Mr. Low helped develop the curriculum at the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer’s College and trained the nation’s best and most
promising trial attorneys. Joseph Low is the pinch hitter, the special forces and the ace up your sleeve when you must have a
victory. Joseph Low is a Trial Lawyer and Joseph Low wins.
The first and quintessential case for the Constitution’s 6th Amendment right to a “lawyer of your choice” was tried and won by Mr.
Low with the late Supreme Court Justice, Antonioni Scalia writing the 5-4 majority decision. U.S. v. Gonzalez-Lopez 548 U.S. 140
(2006). Mr. Low’s victory ensures that all citizens can hire the lawyer of their choosing, even if that lawyer is from another state.
Recently, laws turned and tumbled, as Mr. Low argued before the Nevada Supreme Court for the right of his client to buy and sell
medical marijuana. Although, Nevadans voted to legalize medical marijuana in 2000, there was no legally recognized system to sell
or distribute. Mr. Low argued his client’s case to the Nevada Supreme Court, and spoke before the Nevada Senate Judiciary
Committee to advise lawmakers how to structure marijuana laws, including recognizing cards from other states. In 2013, Nevada
changed its laws to allow patients to buy marijuana legally from a dispensary. State of Nevada v. Schwingdorf.

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