Melissa Baldwin has been a Settlement Consultant for almost 15 years. Her expertise ranges from catastrophic injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, class action, and sexual abuse, to employment and workers compensation cases. As a Plaintiff’s Consultant, Melissa focuses on the immediate and long-term financial needs of Plaintiffs and their families as their case settles, or they’ve won at trial. She spends much of her time at mediations or meeting with the plaintiffs one-on-one while doing case analysis with an emphasis on Special Needs Trusts and public benefits. Her firm’s focus is always on the clients’ best interest by ensuring a comprehensive financial plan that will provide security for every goal and concern they may have. Melissa was a member of the Board of Directors for over 3 years for the National Structured Settlement Association. She continues to be very active with their Legislative Regulations committee, often traveling to Washington D.C. or Sacramento to lobby and speak out against laws that would negatively impact plaintiffs. Melissa is a proud member and supporter of numerous trial lawyer organizations throughout many states, and including AAJ, CAOC, and CAALA. In 2019 Melissa was presented with the ‘Presidential Award of Merit by the Board of Attorneys for CAALA.

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