“You miss 100% of the shots you do not take.” – Wayne Gretzky
Michael Alder is owner and Senior Trial Attorney at AlderLaw, a leading Los Angeles firm that represents plaintiffs in personal injury,
business torts and employment litigation cases. As one of the top trial attorneys in California, Mr. Alder vigorously pursues all cases
on behalf of his clients who have suffered injustices.
As an underdog advocate, Mr. Alder takes pride in being personally involved in every case his firm take on. Along with his team of
lawyers, paralegals, law clerks and litigation assistants, he is consistently breaking records and earning the praise of the press with
significant settlements and impressive verdicts.
The former CAALA president, well renowned speaker, and published author on trial strategy has a long history of supporting other
trial attorneys. Mr. Alder maintains a 9,000-deposition database and an expert witness directory and provides information, at no
charge, to up and coming lawyers upon request.

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