Omid’s claim to fame is his drive to overcome adversity and failure. He excels despite his daily struggle with bipolar disorder. He took the LSAT 3 times, scoring 132, 138, then 144. He literally begged his way into law school. He failed the California Bar Exam three times. He lost his first four jury trials. He’s paid $17,000 in sanctions for being hard headed. He almost bankrupted his firm fighting for his clients as he refused to accept low ball settlement offers. 
And somehow, despite all these challenges and then some, he managed to win one of the top 100 jury verdict in California in 2019 and he went on to become Consumer Attorneys of San Diego’s 2020 Rising Star. 

Omid believes in the power of failure and doing what’s right by his clients even to his own detriment, whether mentally or financially. And, staying true to his character and belief in advocacy, Omid founded Rejali Foundation in 2019 to help people who suffer from mental health issues to get the treatment they need and to spread mental health awareness to fight the stigma that coulds mental health. 

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