Rob Glucroft is the founder and CEO of Glucroft Investigations, a full service Private Investigation firm in Los Angeles with a specialty in accident investigation, policy limit investigations and hidden assets investigations. Even though the firm is based in L.A., it has clients all over California, the nation, and internationally as well. 

Prior to founding the firm, Rob was a member of the LAPD for 27 years, with the last 14 years as a Motorcycle Officer, primarily investigating Traffic accidents and traffic violations. His experience in the field gave Rob the opportunity to develop his skills as a high level accident investigator, with the ability to see what others miss, and ask questions that others never think of, and as a result conduct investigations that reveal the truth about accidents.

Rob’s clients, most of whom are leading accident attorneys, know that Glucroft Investigations can uncover information that many other investigators miss. The differences between what attorneys are told by their clients or in police reports and what the facts turn out to be tend to be very large. So Glucroft Investigations focuses on diving deep into the case, asking the right questions and using our many years of LAPD experience to ascertain the facts of the loss. 

Rob often discovers that small details others think are unimportant can change the outcome of a case. This is particularly important for Traumatic Brain Injury cases because of the impact that the injury has on the victim’s entire life.

That’s why so many attorneys seek out Glucroft Investigations for their accident, policy limit and hidden asset investigations. To date, Glucroft Investigations has investigated over 90,000 such cases. At Glucroft Investigations, We Uncover The Hidden™.