“Many people consider Ross to be the nation’s foremost expert on law firm marketing.” -Of Counsel magazine. There are lots of marketers out there. Lots and LOTS of them. But there aren’t many like Ross. In most industries, marketers look at their competitors to see what to do. Ross looks to see where his clients can BEAT them. Because he believes there’s always a way for his clients to stand up, stand out, and stand above the competition. The firms rarely know what their message is, but like a good therapist, Ross gains nuanced insight into their culture and personality and finds their unique essence.

If your website shows a skyline, column, building, or smiling lawyers, you need Ross. Or actually you needed Ross back then, but that’s water under the bridge.

He holds up a mirror so firms and organizations can see themselves in an entirely new way, convincing the marketplace that they’re even better than they thought. With that brand established, his world-class creative teams design the powerful visuals and headlines that tell that story, then leverage that platform into an effective website and other vital materials.

Ross loves this stuff. He lives and breathes it. He’s given 300 keynotes, CLE, and training speeches on six continents, with an average audience evaluation ranging from “Wow, I never thought of it that way…” to “That was the best marketing presentation ever!!!”

He’s literally “written the book” on marketing, five times over, including “We’re Smart. We’re Old. And We’re the Best at Everything.” and the best-selling “The Ultimate Law Firm Associate’s Marketing Checklist” which is also available in Chinese and Hebrew.

He’s won all the industry awards that exist, including receiving LMA’s first “Lifetime Achievement” award, and was the first marketer inducted into the LMA’s “Hall of Fame.” A grateful Louisville firm even had the governor commission Ross as a Kentucky Colonel. The LMA was going to award Ross so many trophies one year that the committee simply created a new “Best of Show” honor so others could get trophies too.