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Stephanie Bonin, Ph.D. Photo

Stephanie Bonin, Ph.D.

Medical Speaker
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Stephanie is registered as a professional engineer in California and has testified as an expert witness in court. “I see my role as an assistant or educator to the trier of fact, helping them to make an informed decision,” she says. She works to explain complex concepts in a manner that juries can understand. “My aim is to take the mystery out of the science.”

In addition to her research on helmets, Stephanie has studied wearable sensor systems for measuring head impact severity in football players. She is looking forward to combining these topics in an upcoming study of concussions in equestrian sports. Volunteer riders will wear mouthguards containing sensors that measure head accelerations when they fall. The ultimate goal is to help design more effective helmets. “I’m a rider,” she says, “so my interest in this is both scientific and personal.”