Tony L. Strickland, M.S., Ph.D., FNAN, is the founder and CEO of Nexus Clinical Solutions, and the Center for Postconcussion Syndrome and PTSD Treatment. He is a clinical neuropsychologist by training, a Fellow of the National Academy of Neuropsychology, and a retired Associate Clinical Professor of Neurology, David Geffen
School of Medicine at UCLA. A native of Los Angeles, Dr. Strickland completed undergraduate studies at the California State University at Los Angeles. He received his Master of Science and doctoral degrees in Behavioral Medicine (Clinical Psychology) from the University of Georgia, and he completed a postdoctoral residency at the prestigious David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA in clinical neuropsychology under the mentorships of renowned neuropsychologist Dr. Paul Satz, and neurologist Dr. Jeffrey Cummings. Additionally, Dr. Strickland completed a postdoctoral fellowship in clinical psychopharmacology at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. Dr. Strickland is a former director of the ULCA ADRC Memory Disorders and Cerebral Function Clinic (Marina Del Rey Site), and a former treating clinician for the NFL addiction treatment program. Dr. Strickland is a Board Member of the Brain Injury Association of America, and is a member of the Pop Warner Medical
Advisory Committee. He established the Center for Postconcussion Syndrome and PTSD Treatment to provide state-of-the-art treatment and prevention services
to address the comprehensive concussion care needs of athletes, military populations, and other individuals across the lifespan; and Nexus Triage to provide specialized
neurobehavioral technology solutions to evaluate people with brain injuries, vestibular/balance disorders, as well as memory and related cognitive disorders. An accomplished researcher, he has been the principal investigator of many NIH supported research projects primarily related to clinical neuroscience. He is the author of numerous research articles and has presented nationally and internationally.

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