Zoe Littlepage is a founder of Athea Trial Lawyers and a partner at Littlepage Booth Leckman, with offices in Houston and Philadelphia. With a national practice, Zoe is one of America’s most respected trial lawyers: a standout talent even amongst the most talented litigators. Famed for her creative, out-of-the box litigation strategies and demonstrative “toys for trial”, Zoe is consistently called upon for advice by lawyers throughout the country for one reason: she knows how to win … and win big!  In the past decade, she has achieved half a billion dollars in jury verdicts and settlements for her clients.

In 2011, Zoe was inducted as one of very few women lawyers into the prestigious Inner Circle of Advocates, comprised of the best 100 Plaintiff’s lawyers in the country. Fortune magazine recognized her as one of America’s top twelve lawyers, and her verdicts made the list of the Top 10 Largest Verdicts in various states. American Lawyer magazine highlighted her as one of America’s “Premiere Lawyers” and she has been nominated as a “Super Lawyer” every year, for over a decade. In 2008, she received the Clarence Darrow award for Best Mass Tort Lawyer of the year. Texas Lawyer praised her tenacity stating, “all bets should be on Littlepage.” Chambers USA, a conservative legal publisher, quoted defense lawyer opponents as saying Zoe Littlepage does “a bang-up job for plaintiffs” because ”when you see her, you know you have a fight on your hands.”

Zoe is beloved by jurors who routinely commend her passion and creativity in the courtroom.  Zoe takes story-telling to a new level and has a masterful ability to distill complex and complicated liability timelines into persuasive bullet points. She has used glass jars packed with M&Ms to explain relative toxicity levels from animal studies and filled clear plastic boxes with 200,000 colored toothpicks to visually demonstrate the actual risk level of defective prescription drugs. Coloring outside of the lines on visuals is her specialty. And juries love it.  After one of her multi-month trials, Zoe received the highest compliment when a juror remarked that, on Fridays, he would tell his wife that he could not wait to return to court on Monday to see what Ms. Littlepage would do next. 

Born and raised in the Caribbean, Zoe moved to the United States to attend Phillips Academy in Andover, MA. She received a bachelor’s degree in 1987 from Rice University in Houston, Texas with a triple major. Zoe then attended Emory University Law School and received her law degree with honors from University of Houston in 1990, where she served on the Houston Law Review.

Zoe is a dedicated educator and has been invited to speak at close to one hundred continuing legal education courses across the country and internationally. She receives rave reviews from audiences for providing insightful tips, hands-on training and creative solutions to challenges faced at trial. Zoe’s goal is to help all lawyers better entertain, persuade and convince juries.

An avid adventure traveler, Zoe and her partner, Rainey Booth, have participated for more than a decade in the annual Global Scavenger Hunt, an around-the-world travel competition that raises money for charity. Competing as the “Lawyers without Borders” team, they have won first place six times and been repeatedly crowned The World’s Greatest Travelers. Her blog, “Where in the world are Rainey and Zoe?” take us all with them on these exciting escapades.